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Few app-based markets gain as many dedicated users on a daily basis with as high an engagement rate as dating apps.Tinder is still by far the Goliath in the space, but more and more apps are finding room to succeed in this overlapping market, where most people use more than one dating app.Mention some things you like or would want to talk about, whether that’s your favorite movies or your travel experiences (this helps prevent the “hey, what’s up” conversation that never leads anywhere).

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I’m not tryna date a Sith lord here, so please show your face clearly and visibly.

We live in the digital age of superior cell phone cameras and Snapchat, so there’s no excuse for those shady grainy photos, and put those fire selfies to good use as your initial photo.

People who are reading your bio are trying to get a better sense of who you are, and those aforementioned things tend to leave a bad impression.

Instead, try saying something about your personality, or start off with a clever one-liner.

A good bio could make the difference between a left swipe (dislike) or a right swipe (like), and a bad mirror selfie could destroy your chances.

So: Here I am with some gender/sexuality-neutral tips for creating a profile that accurately depicts how amazing and worthy of love (or whatever you’re looking for) you are.Think of your first photo as the first leg of a triathlon to hooking up (or getting a date): How you initially perform is going to affect your standing the rest of the race.Your first photo is usually where users will mark someone as a “no” or as a potential “yes,” so this photo is crucial and should be your best one.This brings me to the final lesson for your dating app pictures: Your pictures should try to sum up who you are and what you like.We are visually dependent creatures, and we are more likely to give more importance to your photos than to your bio.Second, it will make you instantly more attractive.

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