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A lot of people are going to pass you up when they see that is not resolved.

I think you have to keep in mind that this is a dating site and yes, people are judging you by your photos and a couple lines of text. It's not all that much different from the bar scene really.

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Are those the type of people you want in your life? And someone you'll want to be with, is going to know this... they'll read what you have written about yourself, and decide on that.

That's why the Profile Review forum section can be a great help.

For me personally, I know for a fact that I get a much better response from women when I meet them face to face. Unfortunately I don't have time to stop and chat with anyone during the day and that's why I turned to POF. A lot of people will go after others on nothing more than appearance. And they will read a person's profile, and judge based on that wether or not they want to get to know the person.

Just be patient and get used to feelings of rejection. Hi Juss and welcome, I have been here just over a month now, and I started using the forums and just browsing through profiles and if someone caught my eye I'd just message saying hi, the forums will get you a certain type of response too, don't give up yet. I've contacted plenty of ladies here myself who didn't even have profile pictures.

Should the OP be concerned that people are seeing she is 5'8" and thinking that matters.... When people pass my up online, it could be my weight, it could be they don't like my nose, my hair, something in my profile, I don't know.

NO, because her value as a self respecting, self aware person is not remotely relevant to her height. OP...there something wrong with you for feeling rejected. As I said, I appreciate your candidness about your views.

My gut was telling me she was a flake, so I learned to trust my gut. It's just that *confession* I haven't had to do this for a really long time.

Plus, I got to discover a new place for coffee in Montreal. I met my soon-to-be-ex when I was 13, married at 18 and we separated in Jan - I'm 36! Invest the time and energy into your photos..are probably what will initially get someone's attention.

We really have become a culture that relies on images.

Think of your profile as an ad for ads in magazines and what catches your eye? Why....because I believe that a healthy, mind body and soul starts with a healthy mind, but doesn't end there.

In my life, I am the fun girl, the one everyone wants to know. Did any of you feel this way when you first started this? Don't take it personally when someone doesn't respond. I posted a thread in the Testimonials section called "After 18 months..." where I go into details about pros and cons.

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