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—One «f rne most remarkable criminal cwb Ih w the hlstitrv of Georgia has We wish t» esteaat owr shwvrv an- Uat. a too husy and am- blllo Bshiishand, a philosopher friend, and a baby. Ihat makr thy blood nm bs H \ Roajine Kotnanr*- ^oa'll Want To B*™eaah«-.

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Trotter HAIR DRESSING PLAIN SEWING 3954 West Belle PI. We also avsh* old beta new aad new Sal* to order at reaa- owabie prteea. A Cloud Comedy.: and the Sth episode Of "Double Ad-. = ALAO-HNOOKY THE CHIMPANZEE In the Funny Monkey Comedy "LADIES' PET" ALSO FOX NEWS ■ NEW MOVIE THEATRE Market Street Near Jefferson Avenue Newly Remodeled and Decorated SPECIALS TOM MIX W1 « u ^'» r »» J '^ D ' i„ T)lr Mo M n ar jng Ami Kerhless This SUN DAY, APR. APRIL IK William Fairbanks In B reels of Thrill'j — Vrlinn— Rotnanre "A Western Adventurer" Ahn I -rli Kphtode or "VELVET FINGERS' TIESOAV. "SUNDOWN SLIM" Abo W Episode Paihe Mfrla J THE AVENGING. ¥*\ News WEDNESDAY, APRJL 30 Alice iir M •■ in THE VICE OF FOOLS A Vi Ugrapb Special. VTION" lighting Pale" and Coroeillcs 1 ill ICSti AY. MARKET A Dramalir Photnplaj With An AU Htaw Out Also 13th Episode of "FANTO-VUST FRIDAY. "Highest Mulder,' Wednesdiiy: "Lure or Ambition, '" Thursday, and "Mart Marriage." Friday;, *re Iswrtln K fea- tures at The (Theatre tor S^p coming week. I present Mlli-hell l^rtis and Florence Turner is Fool's Hold" this Sunday Ir Is • supreme prnduriior. Charite Ckagtln In Ih Bkind That 3ct**a will he w QHf In* hs Unnc* « f the week a with (facial suhlac Ur WHEN WOMEN DARE LET MEN BEWARE Vih IVim «sid. Iilkl of wtw Ho eilstewv he neier eien IVr Imw a trracueri Hi* Inngue mil wm-k ■ hum* iijr.i l imw a trnsthig, loving heart ■ an be ilfi Yivrd , are bow a wunitii team* the truth. PAl'L CONFERENCE CLAIM aid AB Star Cast in "Someone In The House A Ptthri-c Sigej Of Bogw* Sham-tag how an unshaken tract pre Btrancer than a ennsuatinc ittitt — ALSO- »th Eahutk, f "DOUBLE ADVENTURJ i Part WESTERN and COMED ^, T D R A A Y s rp C R 1A 2 k "What Becomes oi the CMIuren? -- 12.00 One Iwr ■■ * , 0* Bli Month* mj HUM lloathi - o^ blngle Copy ." Advertising Rate* Furnished On Request *~i M«rt u MCMd-ela M ■•»« April t, »B M «- P-i0«=.« Balal M, aflassa H. wrecked dur- ing the en Sling lour years, provided Phil can "get by" that long.

The program will include "Someone in the House." a two part Western. In Five Smashing Reels also Charlie Chaplin in HIS GREATEST COMEDY "BEHIND THE SCREEN" M'KCIU. Horei in "THE GAUNTLET' A Manlerp Jere In I I'art- ALm JOE KVAN In Western Serial "THE M BPLE KIOEKS" Kranej (onmij —Mull i -lel T MONDAY. Jewel Carman In Silver Lining.'' on Monday; William Ruaaell m "Iron Killer," Tuesday. *rc other featuies of the week "BARE r JHJCKLES" AT LLNCOLB William Rusxeli In ' llare Knuckles" will fettug^ Hi,, Liti,'ttin Theaire pro- gram aw Sunday Needless to say It hr Utles wirth dn.-mi deed*, Brady in 'New York Id**," nxiur^AT hottx Tag* kill etl be awas in (ha daring asasl reratoss rttting uirtare -The Kami Dgagsna \ at The Msiie Tkaatr* tatas avnatay . WHAT BO \«l THINK IN A FIVE PART WESTERN THRILLER and EAST b YNNE" The Story That Can Never Die Vanity Fair Girls IN THE SCKKAMIMi LAIIill I'Klti H i IM, 1 t»Mlll\ "RUNNING WILD" She kinil htm truly — ye T the insiniiatiug tulf- : tritlu. "■• ■ "Isahel Vane killed in a rallr OMl »ml'' i- he to k:."* thnl It "si not hi* wife, hut m r sdauglitir a . 15, 192I_ If I'liil Bntwn doesn't handle this new position any better tlian lie did the Publicity Detriment of th - Republican National L'onnrfitte: nt Chicago last year, this new job, will in olir opinion.

j ,t,r Aim in the haw irf onr son ami Jt^ Murwrjod Hllir Plrior Cbarii young orator is making bis Si paaraace in St. It may be hla Hear bin) at Pine Street Ur is cordially Invited on 4;*5. "earner rvril FO \TT1M r Tlfi NS crashing Into a derelict in the U •- UTt Ufi K A 1 1 KM I ll/PIO a*4 the sinking rfth. IUi»t«J|* Xjarias r cii Hfis and Ln Jtersal Weeklj FRIDAY, APRIL U -DIAMOND QUEEN" a m m ki» ntwv or A GOOD COMEDY is.

«"salt mu Cs Mi-ria foe wl Kierome palsisblo and well-rooked food at low- rat ir|e«t _ t. Another big special at- this t BMtt H w Ul be William S. He resigns rather than arrest the Jftung man who, he teams. AT THE r EHDLETOS Hohart Bosworlh In "Below the Surfae*" will be Tbe Pendleton tcit- "Wt Strt Sw^t livn uiiiurei , pratty girl -accomplice A. John- CASINO 1C1Q UADlf TT OPEN FROM 10 A, 1L Iblo MAKKtl t Mn. m, SPECIAL ATTENTION — PRE WAR PRICES Adults 10c, Children 5c, Plus War Tax THIS SUNDAY APRIL 17 ******** "ll Ot'BLE AOVKKTUKE" RANDOLPH SPRINGS GRAND OPENING on ]-.

X3f ^r Jules Mc Garr and Qallie De Qaston's THEATRES Itllly alack rod hi' You Ever Think ol Me." "There's A Boy on the l-evel for Beery Girl Thats on the Square." SATURDAY. in 6 part* — ALSO— NINTH EPISODE Of The Vitagraph Serial "FIGHTING FATE" And Comedies TUESDAY, APRIL 19 Constance Talmadgc in 'Two Weeks" A Picture Willi An lituir's laugh WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20 "TEX ft The tireai Delettlve In Ills Newest and Thrill I est of Mysteries.

He his raadc an aiuwal for a fund nf |J(m.(W Tor this uurpoae and niakea the fol- lowing rclmrt. Benefit Tuesday On Tuesday, a Special Mat litre will he given for ibe benefit of St Paul conference Claim. of the Trias " AT THE OLYKPIA Gladys Biaekw Wl in "The Bate Hen.'* on Sunday. "nice of Destiny" Twmtw, tad '8wn«tiloi tiitreteni." Wednesday. , hot It lasted only a ; mumisit - ai»j be-r hu-i"*i"l uerer kta-w the tnilu i -mill it *aa too htte. new fwaaral home now located at 3s MS Lawaaa avewew «Ma a*Btt, W years eaperle*** la eav -- .aa# PAGE FOUR A . nn flic Trill] (if Noble Johnson The Trooper Of Troop K" A Hirfnig I Hi . Emily Steiens will he seen in 'The Place of Honeymoons." It is a vivid love dra- ma thai grips the heart and stirs the (motions of young and uld alike. Bailey aaaaajaeea lha r W masaal at hi* a«ca from law coraer ad Saaa V lit* H. At ** ta Vsaj Gl Try The LULA SYSTEM For Good Results MADAM LL'LA Ml I I IN 1313Mb Street, Caira, i Jliaeat. He* Isabel Carlyle Is Influenced hy Pnncis Levtson lo doubt her hua- . Tbe swashing (ale of a red-Mated horscaian who rode for the bw I Cannila'" wild frontier. "The Greateat Love" "The Sare Hand" CRITE RION THEATRE Special Photo-Play Features Every Day SPECIAL FEATURE 2644-46 FRANKLIN AVE. APR 15, 1921 PAGE FIVE AMUSEMENTS-SPORT llt Jlaa*..^ (Oontlnnwl from Page 41 | IT AC li W Magnific "Club "BLUEBIRD-CHECKER DANCE and Tuesday. fckd&iar H);, if per chance a man was seen going 1 down the St Vast S "of a civilized country with-some mys- terious brand upon, his forehead, spectators wwfff T* follow him a crnrcitry block, declaring all the whit.* that he was from some heath- en land. The heathen nation wotijii lie foremost in one's mind. reader, yout mind may rest whin you thirty ©£ Texas — right here in. T0TJ WIL L SATE -0MET' M on buy your Spring bonnet at the Economy Hat Shop. East Lynne" »ill he presented on Thursday The plot ts so familiar as la require no detailed synopsis hare. " also OTI1KK PUTT BE r TLYUl SATURDAY APRIL 23 "SOUL and BODY" ni Mi M, LONG f MANE V and I'KLM IIJA [HUN "Outside The Law" "The Sin That Was His ! MARRIAGE LICENSES MEMBER MISSOURI PREMa ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATED MEURO PRESS NATIONAL "\r:iimc America Thi* is the Ift Mries JMx T'Al Ksno'ct 1 Johnson who bears the marks of the Kn Kfrux Klan .which .operates out of Dallas, Texas. IHien in gold en-Mi ,,i„i;,i an.1 thanks to our dear Sunday at 4 o'clock. 18-19 ,'The Woman in His House' The Screen's Truest Triumphs Of Mother Love. a brilliant cabaret Invaded by ' the old diver and his battle to rttv ctv.

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