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Mary Magdalene had followed from Galilee onwards () and she also served him ().

She was present at Jesus’ death at the cross, his burial and at the discovery of the abandoned tomb.

In the Gospel of Mark, the emphasis lies on the ‘being witness’.

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Conclusion: Matthew especially emphasises the role of the male disciples and tones down that of the women.

Yet, he cannot go beyond the fact that in the Christian tradition there were women present at the most important moments of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The names of the women in the first group are mentioned, and Mary Magdalene is one of them ‘from whom seven demons had gone out’ (Luke 8:2).

It must be noted that Mary Magdalene explicitly did not belong the group of women who provided for Jesus – the emphasis lies on her being cured.

We will briefly discuss the role and place of Mary Magdalene in these gospels: Text: the Gospel of Mark, Mary Magdalene remains unmentioned until Jesus’ crucifixion.

Together with Salome and another Mary she is part of a group of women that watch the scene from a distance (-41).The most famous woman probably is Mary, Jesus’ mother. It may be related to the Hebrew term for ‘being fat’ (a symbol of wealth) or for ‘gift (of God)’.Besides this Mary, the New Testament is populated by several other Mary’s, of which Mary Magdalene ranks among the most famous and certainly is the most infamous in church history. If we make the connection to the name to an Egyptian derivation (Mirjam was Moses’ Egyptian born sister in the Old Testament), it can also mean ‘loved one’.Conclusion: For Mark, Mary Magdalene belongs to the women who self-evidently follow Jesus.Text: the Gospel of Matthew, Mary Magdalene is, together with the other Mary, present at every essential moment in the period between Jesus’ crucifixion and His resurrection.Text: Gospel of Luke is the only Synoptic gospel wherein Mary Magdalene is also present in Jesus’ public life in Galilee.

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