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The first digit of the experiment numbers reflect what series of experiment they belong to.

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Bloopers bogel

Jacques von Hämsterviel who funded the projects with "shady" business deals.

Prior to the events of Lilo & Stitch, every experiment created was dehydrated into a small orb called an "experiment pod" and stored in a special container for transport. The Movie, the container was accidentally opened and the pods rained down on the island of Kauai.

It is also shown that when an experiment is dehydrated, they will deactivate and turn into a small orb called an experiment pod.

If an experiment pod gets wet, the experiment will be reactivated and released.

Her episode is named "Yapper" after the nickname Lilo gave her, but she is officially "Gigi" on the experiment name list in Leroy & Stitch. In Leroy and Stitch, it is revealed that she can speak English very well.

At the end of the movie, Mertle joins Lilo and Stitch's ohana because Gigi wants to be in it with the rest of Jumba's experiments. A green anteater-like experiment with a small body, mouth, arms and legs, a thin tail with a brushy fuzz at the end, a vacuum-like trunk that can fire lasers, dark eyes, short ears, and three dark-tipped spines.

The experiments, also referred to as Stitch's cousins, are genetically engineered creatures created by Dr.

Jumba Jookiba in his lab at "Galaxy Defense Industries", with the assistance of Dr.

The two then attempt to rehabilitate the experiments and find a purpose for them on Earth that suits their specific abilities, referred to as the "one true place" they belong.

Stitch, inspired by Hawaiian terminology, refers to the other experiments as his "cousins" and considers them all a part of his ohana, or "extended family".

Both of 010's names are a reference to the main characters of The Odd Couple. A tan gourd-shaped experiment with a large opening at the top of his head. Designed to..popcorn for Jumba's movie night." A fast-talking, pink experiment with a resemblance to Jumba and Cannonball (520), but with a smaller face and two ebony-black eyes who wears a straw boater hat and bowtie, carries a cane, and acts as a salesperson who never turns down a customer. Lilo used him to get ahead in the chocolate bar selling contest/fundraiser, but Mertle took him.

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