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Scroll down for the official Sea Captain Date song.(or like me), the idea of dating a sailor, his hair wind-whipped gold and skin bronzed by the sun, might make you want to throw away your landlocked life for one of adventure and romance on the high seas. They’re all at your fingertips with a sailor at your side.Namely, a steady supply of burly older men with beards, caps and in some cases, hooks instead of hands.

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A pledge by CEO Bill Kay reads: “In the unforgiving ocean of love, let us be your lighthouse.” According to the site’s promotional material, Kay came out of retirement at the age of 86 to throw his lonely seafaring pals a lifeline to guide them through the choppy waters of love.

In 2011 spokesman Brett Smith told the National Enquirer: “It takes a very special woman to understand captains and accept them for who they are.

“If someone comes to our site to make a love connection, then they pretty much know what they’re looking for.” Basic membership is free, although you must hold a captain’s license and the company will carry out background checks on you.

Some naysayers claim the site is the work of a master joker, but I can tell you I’m sold, hook line and sinker.

If there’s anything a sailor likes more than having a girl in every port, it’s having a girl he’s known since high school to joyfully meet him when he gets home.

Turns out there are more girls than you might think willing to spend their evenings huddled in front of…

But when you — or your body, or your sexual habits — are the target of the joke, as they inevitably will be, they tend to get a lot less funny very, very quickly.

Sailors’ wages are always crap, and whatever money they do make goes on beer.

Even if they do manage to save up enough money to buy their own boat (as all sailors are trying to do) chances are it will be a rotting hunk of junk, because boats are expensive to maintain.

And even then, they’ll probably eventually sell it and go work for someone else, because sailors, by definition, always go where the wind blows them.

Except that you’re still human and you have a heart, and you could be setting yourself up for a fall.

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