Bombay dating clubs

There are also a number of pubs and live entertainment venues.

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** There is no question that Goa is the #1 party spot in India.

And not only in India, but I would rank Goa in the Top 5 around the world. By the end of those 7 days, I could hardly think straight because I had so much damn fun!

Almost all other states in India is 21, but once again, it’s not strictly enforced because venues will just want your business.

I was only asked to show my ID in luxurious night clubs in Mumbai.

When most people think about India, they most definitely don’t think about a crazy nightlife scene.

The only exception may be in the hippie city of Goa — which is renowned for it’s psychedelic trance parties — but even still, India widely unheard of in the world of partygoers.In fact, I made it a point to hit up all the cities with the best nightlife, so in a way, my trip was kind of like a “.” Here is a map of the journey I took in India: What is the India nightlife scene really like?In recent years, India has become increasingly popular for it’s bars, night clubs and music festivals.But you can get your fix of that in Goa at the beach parties 😉 In some cities, like Mumbai and Delhi, there are specific venues for after parties which go until 3-4AM.But you must make local friends who can show you where to go because I don’t know the exact spots.Whether your idea of partying is relaxing on a rooftop while sipping a local beer, or raging all night long at a night club, or dancing to EDM at a music festival — I can promise you that India has something special to offer you.

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