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Booth has admitted that he might have killed himself as a kid had it not been for his grandfather. It is mentioned in season 4 that, prior to Jared's court-martial and dishonorable discharge for stealing evidence to save Booth, "no Booth has ever gotten a dishonorable discharge." He separated from the Army at the rank of Master Sergeant.In the episode "The Beginning in the End," Booth is approached by a Colonel Pelant and handed a letter from the Secretary of Defense requesting him to return to active duty to train Afghan soldiers at "tracking and apprehending insurgents." He is offered a promotion to Sergeant Major and a position as an advisor to the Afghan National Army. Despite his distinguished service record, Booth is generally reticent about his military service and rarely speaks about it openly, even with Bones.

But that turns out not to be true." So although there are some romantic Jared-Temp dates and canoodling along the way, the primary purpose of Seeley's sib is "to shed some light on Booth, who's a guarded character," says Hanson.

"For all his affability, you don't actually find out much about him.

Booth is still haunted by memories from his time in the Army, having lost friends in combat and watched his own buddy bleed to death in his arms.

It is apparent that he suffers from survivor's guilt, although the term is never used in the show, and his "kill count" is a major sore point and an extremely sensitive issue for him.

That plan got waylaid by the WGA strike's intrusion.

is a fictional character in the US television series Bones (2005–present), portrayed by David Boreanaz.

also in the episode Women in Limbo of season 1, it is stated that Brennan is born in 1976, which should put Booth's birthday in 1971.

Booth is the older of two boys and has a younger brother Jared (Brendan Fehr).

The extent of their father's abuse was never fully revealed but based on Booth's vague admissions throughout the show and Hank and Marianne's own statements, it was likely that he was also emotionally neglectful of his ex-wife and sons.

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