Boost failed updating 56 targets Sex date in egypt

...skipped I actually asked it as my own question and after enabling universe and doing apt-get update it re-appeared.

Perhaps you would like to add those to your answer.

Hello, From the section 5, I run: $ bjam toolset=darwin --verbose-test test and get this output: ...patience...

New Libraries: Algorithm, Functional/Overloaded Function, Local Function, Utility/Identity Type.

Updated Libraries: Accumulators, Array, Asio, Bimap, Chrono, Concept Check, Filesystem, Foreach, Graph, Geometry, Hash, Iostreams, Iterator, Multi Array, Lexical cast, Locale, MSM, Program Options, Property Map, Proto, Ratio, Scope Exit, Thread, Unordered, Wave, xpressive New Library: Heap.

Hello I got the following build errors on my linux box building version 1.53.0 gcc.compile.c bin.v2/libs/wave/build/gcc-4.7/release/link-static/threading-multi/cpplexer/re2clex/aq.o gcc.compile.c bin.v2/libs/wave/build/gcc-4.7/release/link-static/threading-multi/cpplexer/re2clex/cpp_archive bin.v2/libs/wave/build/gcc-4.7/release/link-static/threading-multi/libboost_wave./home/yadav/dev/cpp/boost_1.53.0/lib/libboost_wave.a ...failed updating 56 targets......skipped 6 targets......updated 10989 targets... COLLECT_GCC=gcc COLLECT_LTO_WRAPPER=/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.7/lto-wrapper Target: x86_64-linux-gnu Configured with: ../src/configure -v --with-pkgversion=' Ubuntu/Linaro 4.7.2-2ubuntu1' --with-bugurl=file:///usr/share/doc/gcc-4.7/README.

Could you please add some details to your question, ie is this Redhat Enterprise Linux and at least some versions. As you can see in the Primary Compiler List, there is no GCC 4.1.2.

Also, you've snipped the error message from the compiler, so it's hard to tell what's wrong.

In Christ, Steven Watanabe _______________________________________________ Unsubscribe & other changes: Also could you please let me know what is the search order or how does bjam tool works?boost库的编译其实很简单,关键是要自己尝试一下。 从网上的一些文章中摘录出其中最关键的步骤,再加上自己的实践,总结出如下文字,在此存档。 =================================================== boost编译步骤:1.代码下载 - 官方网站: "e:/boost_1_38_0"。 2. 库的使用 编译完成后,E:/boost_1_38_0 目录下,可以看到两个子目录:"include"和"lib",前者保存着所有采用纯头文件形式提供的boost代码文件;后者则是所有编译出的库文件。.dll, 7). 准备工作下载boost 编译工具。下载地址google一下吧。 编译 1):打开“开始”菜单,选择“运行”,输入cmd,进入控制台窗口,进入boost安装源路径e:/boost_1_38_0。 2):cmd中输入: bjam install --toolset=borland --prefix="E:/boost_1_38_0" debug --with-date_time --with-regex -- 是两个连续的减号,=前后均不能夹带空格,除路径之外,参数都是小写字母。 --toolset 表示采用borland编译。如果用VC编译,则改为 --toolset=msvc debug表示编译“调试版”。 --with 指定要编译的模块 3):回车后,出现大量奇怪文字,最后能看到以下内容,就表示成功完成编译: ...failed updating 2 targets. I had thought it is like a make tool that searches for Makefile, bjam searches for Jamfile.v2 , i just want to confirm whether my understanding is correct?Also i read from that bjam first searches for in a present dir and if not found it searches until the top dir..later it search for and later which creates and Also, you've snipped the error message from the compiler, so it's hard to tell what's wrong. release版本 bjam install --toolset=borland --prefix="E:/boost_1_38_0" release --with-date_time --with-regex 改变的是“debug”更换为“release”。回车后开始release的boost库编译。 5).有时不知道编译器到底需要什么版本的lib,可以完整编译boost: bjam install --toolset=borland --prefix="E:/boost_1_38_0" debug(或release)--build-type=complete 这样会编译出所有debug和release的lib库。 6). Project-Default Options-C Builder设置。在Include Path添加前面的"include/boost-1_38"所在的目录,在Library Path添加“lib”所在的目录。 C Options-Paths and Directories.同上设置。 VC的设置众所周知,就不说了。另附 bjam 参数 --build-dir= 存放编译后库文件的路径,默认是stage --build-type=complete 编译所有版本(确切地说是相当于:variant=release, threading=multi;link=shared|static;runtime-link=shared) variant=debug|release 编译什么版本(Debug or Release?

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