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The class was VERY social, which was intimidating at first, but I ended up really loving it. He wanted us to get comfortable with everyone in class.

We always worked with partners or in a group and he made it a good environment. Walk in, read aloud Writing Down The Bones, free journal write afterwards.

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He doesn't let you out of class early, but his class is very easy and he is gentle and kind.

I got A's both semesters and there was not too much work involved. He really opens the students eyes to new ideas about writing.

I really enjoyed his class and his method of teaching. At the end of the semester was very pleased with NO FINAL and a great food party with your classmates.

He centers everything on group work and participation which at first put me off, but I ended up really liking it! Don't miss his class because you'll miss the quizzes.

You will read and write a lot, and have quizzes, but as long as you do the reading you will be fine. He was so helpful, and was always clear on what he wanted. You NEED to read, especially for fine details on a 8 question, 80 point quiz. Easy A other than quizzes which aren't worth much.

He was an easy grader and very predictable, you always knew what to expect when you walk into class everyday and when you're doing homework.

Random quiz every day he throws together for the previous homework readings in The Conscious Reader. Was unhappy with the completely random research essay for Oscar Wao. This has been one of my favorite classes and favorite teacher so far at the JC. Every class meeting there is a quiz wroth 80 points. Essays, if you get an F he will just say it is not to college level and nothing else.

You get to know the whole class which is pretty cool, as well as you have the opportunity to share your thoughts. Though i never sought out help from his class i know he would give it to you if you needed help. The work load is very manageable, and a lot of it i could BS. The conversations we had in that class were interesting and fluid I have never taken an English class before where I loved the teacher as much as I loved Denny. I'm not the BEST writer, but I always got an A on essays.

Good complement for high workload in your other classes, though.

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