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In 1961, a year after losing to Philadelphia in their first championship game together, Starr rewarded Lombardi with a 37-0 title game victory over the coach's previous employer, the New York Giants.

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Starr didn't have a powerful arm, or overwhelming size, or any foot speed to speak of, and his record as a starter was 3-15-1.

But over time Lombardi came to see Starr as a worker, a meticulous notetaker, his kind of serious-minded leader.

The people in his life tell him he has to be there to wrap his arms around Favre and hopefully Aaron Rodgers, too. He has to let the Green Bay fans thank him one more time for winning the Ice Bowl on that daring sneak, for winning more championships than any quarterback dead or alive and for always opening his front door when strangers knocked unannounced and asked if they could take a picture with him, or maybe come inside for a minute to see a plaque or two. He was never about personal gain and glory, and always about the betterment of the team and the feelings men generate for one another when they work as one. That's a good thing, too, as far as this Thanksgiving night mission goes.

Eight hundred and seventy-nine miles separate Starr's Alabama house from his old house, Lambeau Field, and only the care and nurturing of his new team will get him from A to B.

He still watches every Green Bay game on the Direc TV package Cherry bought him as a Christmas gift.

Starr doesn't say much when he's watching -- Bart Jr., meanwhile, is "the most miserable human being in the world to watch a game with," his mother jokes -- and the old quarterback only occasionally recognizes Aaron Rodgers or realizes what he's seeing in clips of Brett Favre. Does he recognize that gap-toothed man in the camel hair coat? "You know, Bart may grasp it at times, but he's just not fully conscious of his career or anything."Bart Jr.

He had been a walker, a jogger, an 80-year-old man who worked out regularly in the gym he maintained upstairs in his home.

His physical strength helped him endure two-and-a-half months in the hospital and then the better part of eight months in a wheelchair.

"Bart was the toughest man alive but not in his father's eyes."The Packers won three more championships through the 1966 season, and the quarterback who grew up idolizing Joe Di Maggio was emerging from Johnny Unitas' shadow and becoming a legend of his own.

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