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He has also coached innumerable voice actors, from beginners to top working pros and celebrities.

David says, “Although I don’t have a golden voice, I guess my ears work pretty well.” Indeed.

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The animals — a black domestic short-hair cat and a pit bull cross — were in good condition, though the cat's head had been taped, he said.

Investigators found the cat in a box underneath belongings, and the dog was in a crate.

Because he sees things from all industry perspectives, many veteran voice actors rely on him as their mentor.

David is also one of the most active directors and speakers, frequently illustrating his practical answers with fun anecdotes from his many years of experience.

Edge Studio oversees an international team of voice over experts, who help you start, build, and grow your voice over business.

To find a coach who is right for you, use the filters below to select your preferences: A leading authority on voice-over and Chief Edge Officer of Edge Studio, David Goldberg has cast and directed thousands of voice-over productions.

Soon after founding Edge Studio as a music-recording facility in 1988, David added spoken voice recording to its repertoire.

In response to many clients asking him for voice over guidance, David wrote the first edition of the "Voice Over Technique Guidebook" in 1992.

Since the charges are under both federal and provincial statutes, the maximum fine for the offences is ,000 with the possibility of five years' imprisonment.

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