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When I asked Begin to clarify, he relayed some experiences with his girlfriend.He said he typically takes the masculine role by holding the door for her or making dinner reservations, but sometimes, like when he's sick, she takes the masculine role and helps him out with eating and stuff.They need be opinionated and self-assured, or women will lose interest in them.

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Beyond that, it's about making sure she feels protected and safe to be fully feminine. She comes back and gives me that powerful feminine gift, which I so appreciate—her radiance, her beauty, her flow, her inference."The peak of the seminar featured a live demonstration with a woman apparently employed by the Fearless Man.

Volunteers from the audience stood up in front of the room and practiced saying hello to her.

The pavement was wet from the day's long rain, and men were congregating in a penthouse on 23rd Street to learn, together, how to become elite. The group could have easily been pulled from any average New York bar—they were a cross section of the general male population; men of all races, body types, professions, and outfits had come.

But unlike other sizable groups of men, these guys all shared one quality, the very thing that drew them to a free masculinity seminar: They are insecure and want to become confident, with women and with life.

I started taking workshops myself—tons of them." Now, he's bringing that knowledge to other men."How many of you Begin asked for those who had come in order to improve their courtship and pickup skills to raise their hands; only a few did.

Then he asked: who had come to improve their self-esteem more generally? That was good because, as Begin explained to us, many men come to the Fearless brotherhood to become better with women, not realizing they must improve their self-confidence before they can excel and maintain excellence in this arena.But what it really comes down to is the feeling of their self-worth, feeling powerful as men, feeling worthy of being loved." Without that, he explained, men may be in dire emotional condition even after achieving sexual success. They looked more alert now, scooted up in their seats. Time-traveling 2,000 years, he went on to detail how, with suffrage and second-wave feminism, women became empowered."By building self-worth, their dating issues start to resolve themselves," Begin explained. Naturally, women's rights are a good, necessary thing, Begin assured us.Stage one, the guy uses "force and power to take control," Begin explained."In the second stage, there's the masculine and feminine, so there's compromise, but compromise kills polarity and kills attraction." In the third stage, masculinity and femininity coexist by playing off the roles a couple adopts. "So in a painting, the masculine would be the frame, the feminine would be the artwork. One without the other doesn't quite work."OK, but I still didn't feel like I understood what masculinity meant."They don't see themselves as less than women anymore."Back in the penthouse, Begin established that the men who come to him are typically emotionally injured in some way, and he began explaining what had happened to them. But men did not know what to do with themselves after the feminist movement severed them from their social role of dominance.

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