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“And he’s a sensitive guy and he wasn’t at all into the drugs but he was kind of into the parties and the sex and the attention. I don’t know how old he was — what was expected of him.” He said the guy understood “why I’m here and what my expiration date is” — and then moved on from the scene.Ellis didn’t take a position on whether the rape allegations against Singer are true, but said he had some “suspicions” about the case and why it’s coming out now, just before the release of the new “X-Men” film. “This is where it gets murky, because I think at 17 and you’re a guy, it’s much different than if you’re 12 or 13.” Added Ball: “It’s tricky.

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But according to a handful of sources who spoke with Gawker over the course of the last week, he was known as the most generous and active benefactor of a scene that allowed the young and impressionable to rub up against Hollywood elite—including prominent writers, directors and actors—leaving behind bitter memories and a sheaf of newly filed lawsuits.

That litigation comes from a man named Michael Egan, who says that he was sexually assaulted by four men—a culture that was previously visible only to insiders in and around L.

At Tiger Heat, Castro and Johnson are noticeable, as older—and not exactly attractive—men who are surrounded by twinks.

In an email to Gawker received after this article was initially published, Johnson wrote that "I'm obviously saddened that you would print lies from sources that clearly have a personal vendetta against me.

After all, gender aside, the mogul-hosted party filled with willing-to-please ingenues is older even than Hollywood.

But more than anything else what comes across in conversations with sources is the scene's sadness: another stage on which an aggressive, alienating Hollywood social scene plays itself out.

What’s interesting to note here is that more and more, Lautner has been seen in gay establishments and hanging out with “out of the closet” gay men.

In December of 2014 (just before the break up was announced) he was spotted at The Abbey and the Mother Lode in West Hollywood.

emember, Taylor Lautner already had been tagged with the “gay” label for his bromance with Patrick Schwarzenegger – plus his close friendships with “out” screenwriter, Dustin Black and “out” director, Gus Van Sant.

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