Buckeey dating lil scrappy

But I’m doing me with him, and that’s the great part. People on social media have been saying she’s the “new Shay.” Shay: Who’s Pinky? When he had his breakup with Diamond and when I had my breakup, that’s how we ended up getting together. Why do you think she doesn’t seem to like Bambi or Erica P? We hang out all the time and she will tell anybody I’m her baby.

He and I were just friends for the first four years, no sexual contact, no nothing.

This season her relationship with Lil’ Scrappy will untangle and she will transition into a respected entrepreneur.

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Image Source: Wiz Nation (LHHATL), where she popped up as Lil’ Scrappy’s BFF, Shay Johnson.

The rapper’s long-time, on-again-off-again, girlfriend/OG baby momma, Erica Dixon (not P) always seemed to wonder about the true nature of Scrappy and Shay’s relationship. And, on the LHHATL Reunion Part 1, we find Shay storming off the set after Scrappy proposes to baby momma, Erica Dixon.

I guess she’d forgotten the “staying relevant” advice from VH1 producers she talked about in her Shay Johnson interview with Madame Nior, when she stormed off the set like a scorned lover.

Seems like the combination of Love, Hip Hop Atlanta and a broken heart can do that to a woman. and rapper, Lil’ Scrappy will die over time, noting: I will say that it’s quite ironic that Shay insists that Bambi is a hoe that can’t be transformed into a housewife.

Tell us some of the projects that you have been a part of, or are currently involved with. Soul Train.com: You are first recognized as “Buckeey” on the second season of Flavor of Love starring Public Enemy’s hype man Flavor Flav. Shay Johnson: When I did Flavor of Love 2, I hadn’t watched the show at all.

Shay Johnson: Music has played a part in my career because the industry that I’m in, it is very related –I’m in reality television for example the person that I’m dealing with, Lil’ Scrappy, is in the music industry. I looked at it as a platform to increase my career and my brand.

Or maybe she knows her man is gay, but like most Atlanta women who are desperate for intimacy, she thinks half a man is better than no man. The down low men who are hustlers tend to connect with desperate women who pay their bills while they creep with other men on the low.

When Pumkin was spitting on New York and the sound effects were cued for Hottie batting her eyelashes, weren’t those the days?

Instead, Buckeey was following the advice of producers.

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