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Nick would brag about how they had screwed Cartoon Network outta a crap load of money)at the time was so incredibly stupid not even 10 year olds could enjoy it.The show featured many enjoyable segments (even though they were pointless, irrelevant, and at times vulgar), and the show's cast was rather enjoyable.

U-Pick Live was a popular talk show on Nickelodeon in the early-mid 2000s.

It featured a diverse cast of practically unknown scrubs looking to make an impact on daytime television; unfortunately, almost no network (including VH1, looking for a new cast for their show The Surreal Life) would take them, so they had to make due with Nick.

This continued for a week, but soon there after, the show became just like the rest of the network's programming, a watered down, lame, childish, and immature show.

The show was originally going to be hosted by Michael Jackson , but due to the show's majority audience being children under 10 and because of the allegations against him, the show instead had at the time, unknown actors, Candace Bailey and Brent Whatshisname host the show.

Does anyone know who this Candace Bailey chick is and how can I get in touch with her? Not a real date, I’m a blogger, but an internet date where we chat for hours on until she sends me naked pictures of herself and I fall asleep on the couch with a smile on my face.

Any chick who likes to play that stupid velcro ball game and drink beers in her bikini is my kind of woman. Even the freakin' masked wrestler dude whom doesn't even appear on this show for more than 5 minutes and wrestles freakin' cookies and milk, has more freedom than me.Well, I'm so sick and tired of those morons in the main office telling me what to do all the time.However as the show continued it's run, many problems began to happen.The show began to adopt many pointless segments such as Candace's Corner; a segment in which Candace ate up 15 minutes talking about how much more important she was then the rest of the cast (it's a well known fact Ms Bailey is a massive narcissist.They were soon joined by loud mouth, Hispanic Antonio (who soon adopted the role of Floating Head as a punishment by Nick for the problems he would soon cause the show), expelled Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler Garbage whom would regularly wrestle inanimate objects and food items instead of real people due to his rather embarrassing win and lose record which was a 0-105, a hobo dressed in a cow suit, Cow, and Nickelodeon commercial slave and wannabe superhero, Pick Boy.

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