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Boot Update will update the NOR memory inside the QBox HD which contains Kernel, UBoot and other basic function of the QBoxhd. USING AN UPDATED FILESYSTEM IMAGE AND AN OUTDATED BOOT IMAGE OR VICEVERSA MAY CAUSE SEVERAL USAGE PROBLEMS!!


Huevos Here are the contents of my four files: This for Sky UK card in upper card slot with Oscam5953/CCcam213.

This is running under Blackhole 1.6.5 but I don't imagine Vix it too much different.

Softcams cam be downloaded from here for VIX image

5921-Cams-for-Vi X-Team-imagesthanks all but apparently the sly card stopped updating in the vu duo with ccam and people had to switch to oscam but to configure oscam for the sly card to update is I am told very very complex!!!

I have read about box key etc but cant find the bit that will make sly card update!!

thanks bmitie Use CCcam bog standard settings with a boxkey if you have premium channels and it will update itself Oscam is more complicated and if you do not want to watch Pick TV, than stick with CCcam.There are 4 files: in /etc oscam.conf, oscam.server & all located in /etc/tuxbox/config (if you are already running CCcam, back up your working settings BEFORE you install the new cam).BOXKEY: /dev/sci0 XX XX XX XX SMARTCARD CLOCK FREQUENCY: /dev/sci0 3570000 N: 12000 test1 test2 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 256 (I left my boxkey in initially so that this file would work with both CCcam alone or Oscam CCcam but you can remove that line later if you want, once you get it all working) nice = -1 Wait For Cards = 1 logfile = stdout preferlocalcards = 1 saveinithistory = 1 [webif] httpport = 8888 httpuser = admin httppwd = admin httpallowed = # protocols [newcamd] key = 0102030405060708091011121314 port = [email protected];[email protected] (the line httpallowed includes all private network IP adresses or you can just replace this with the ip address of your box. Press the GREEN key to select TP_PROG.dbs, then press the YELLOW key to copy data to your USB. It will start with S10-(date).abs, for example S10-50172011Then arrow down to “Start” and press the OK key. Confirm successful upgrade by looking at the background image, it has changed. Configure your satellites and settings, scan, and watch TV. Press RIGHT ARROW once to change to “Misc Files”, arrow down once to “Select & upgrade”. After upgrade, hit the EXIT key until you get the “No Channels” message. This is a small guide to get your spiderbox working. QHU” with Q-Box Mini HD); NB: The files will find them in the folder from where it started the setup or can be downloaded from the site File System is the update of the internal USB Pen of your QBox HD. USB Pen is needed to perform the File System Update only. On some PC running Windows Vista OS it is strongly recommended to put a LAN Switch, HUB or Router while it may not be needed on Windows XP. Boot Update will update the NOR memory inside the QBox HD which contains Kernel, UBoot and other basic function of the QBox HD. In this case follow the same procedure as the Boot Update and choose directly the file instead of . To Check the Image version you are running follow the this procedure 1. Navigate to the option “About…” and press the OK-Button. Arrow down to “Upgrade File” and select the file you downloaded. Use the GREEN key on the remote to check TP_PROG.dbs, then press the YELLOW key to upgrade. After 10 seconds, turn it back on, and your channels/satellite setting should be restored to the new Firmware. Once the recovery to proceed with updating the file system via USB The update is necessary to implement all the bug fixes and new development done for the QBox HD. Boot Update files have the extension “.qhu” • File System Update. This is needed to maintain a stable the connection with the QBox. When finished remove the USB Pen and turn On the QBox HD File System can be also updated via LAN. a friend has the vu but cant figure out how to configure box so that the sly card will update each month.

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