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There is a great mixture of threads and posts, competitions and reports from both experienced Philippines veterans and frequent Philippines visitors making it an ideal source of information for both the experienced and first time visitors or Newbies to the Philippines.

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Philippines Addicts also covers all other popular areas of the Philippines such as Borocay, Cebu, Manila, Subic Bay and all other notable destinations throughout the Philippine Islands packed valuable content from experienced travelers.

Mango Square, Close to City Grill and 3 mins walk from the naughty bars, Next to Beat and Autoshop – so you could check them both out first and move onto Club Juliana later.

Club Juliana Customers This is an interesting one, and probably why Juliana has become a little controversial in the comments/discussion and often gets a hard time.

Mango square definitely at the lower end of things – if you want to go a little up-market, cross the road and visit the new Mango Square – bars like Y. Early in the evening Juliana starts off gently enough, and around 11pm it starts to get going.

Music is played very loud, causing everything to shake – great if the girl next to you enjoys an ample allocation of “fresh milks”.

The actual music played is not really my preferred choice, but I’m sure the youth appreciate it – lots and lots of Bad MF tunes – sometimes gets a bit annoying at massive volume levels.

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Be careful on the Door, twice now, the girl taking the entrance money on the door “accidentally” forgot to give me my change / gave me the wrong change. Bouncers and security seem nice enough, no scams going on that I am aware of (unlike the very dodgey Pump – which I advise avoiding like the plague (which you might actually get if you hang around there long enough).

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