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Mak Yong was recognised by UNESCO in 2005 as a Masterpiece of the Oral And Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

For Warisan Kita, PUSAKA will be bringing our partner-performers from Kuala Besut, featuring the granddaughters and family of the late legendary Mak Yong primadonna, Che Ning.

The dance generally commemorates the tale of the Wali Songgo (Nine Saints) of Java who spread the Islamic faith in the interior of Java.

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For Warisan Kita, PUSAKA will be bringing the wonderful 1511 O Maliao Maliao Dance Group, descendants of the great custodian of Portuguese Eurasian cultural, Noel Felix.

The Mah Meri is one of the 18 tribes of Orang Asli (indigenous people) living in West Malaysia.

Kuda Kepang is a dance of Javanese origin performed in Johor by communities of Javanese lineage, particularly in Batu Pahat and Muar.

Kuda Kepang is performed by nine male dancers who are seated astride a two dimensional ‘horse’ made of pleated rattan.

These longer stories are usually told when someone has personally invited the Awang Batil to his home, typically after the rice harvest season.

Tarik Selampit is performed by a single storyteller, called the Tok Selampit, who plays a rebab (three-stringed spike fiddle) as accompaniment.Note: RELEASE DATE shows all movies that opened in a given time period and their total grosses.WIDE RELEASES shows only movies released in 600 or more theaters and their total grosses, grouped by wide release date.The two masks used are the Hulubalang mask and the Wak Nujum mask.Both are used when suitable characters appear in the stories to attract the audiences’ attention.His stories and talent were inherited to him by his own forefathers, and has now been passed down to his son, Romli bin Mahmud. The most important instruments used in the Awang Batil are the belanga (pot) or a batil (brass bowl).

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