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The accidental effect was a flag “waving in the wind”, which the astronauts liked, and later on they fixed these structures the same way on purpose.

The Claim: It’s impossible that the bearings of the 17-ton Lunar module and its rocket engines didn’t leave marks on the surface, but the astronauts’ footprints were clearly visible at the same time.

The Claim: The photos from the moon are too high-quality as if they were done in a studio, but they were surely taken by amateurs in hostile conditions.

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The clarity of the footprints also confirms the absence of an atmosphere; the grains of sand, absent water and wind, have sharp edges which link one to another.

The Claim: Gravity on the moon is 6 times less than on Earth, and it follows that you can jump 6 times higher there.

Each camera was carefully calibrated and the Apollo crew undertook an intensive course in photography while wearing the suit and thick gloves and without using the viewfinder, which would be prevented by their helmets.

The Claim: The film should have melted from the extremely high daytime temperatures on the moon.

The Claim: The shadows of the astronauts and their equipment, in the presence of the sun and thus the only source of light, should fall in one direction.

They fall in different directions in the photos, as if the scene was lit by several projectors.

It seems like a tabloid creation, but the conspiracy theory was actually put forth by Bill Kaysing, former employee of the company Rocketdyne, which built engines for the Apollo space program.

It looks like agit-prop made by the KGB, but any doubts about the authenticity of American moon missions have been repeatedly rejected by astronauts and Soviet rocket scientists.

The Claim: The flag wouldn’t be able to flutter like it does in the photos in an atmosphere without air.

Explanation: The flag was oscillating during the flight, and when the first expedition planted it they couldn’t completely fix the horizontal bar of the L-shaped structure that held it up.

A fundraising effort began on the Russian crowdfunding platform Boomstarter on October 1st, 2015, in support of creating a microsatellite that would be able to go to the moon in order to capture high-resolution shots of the trails from the six astronaut landings or to refute their existence.

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