Chad dating hedrick

In the 1500, where the ability to hold on is more important than the ability to get off to a good start, Chad’s die-hard endurance could be the deciding factor, especially in slow conditions such as these.

The challenger is team mate Chad Hedrick who, while not possessing a world record, beat Shani in a 1500m race in Calgary late last year.

Another point for consideration is that Chad’s last lap in the 1000m was the fastest of the field, even faster than eventual champion Shani.

He turned a to be quite the talent and soon he was quicker than kids three times his age.

At eight, he won his first national competition and in the years to come many would follow; during his career, Hedrick won a total of fifty world titles at different inline disciplines.

Shani Davis, winner of the 1000m is the obvious favorite, especially having broken the world record only in mid December.

Moreover, it was his own world record and he is, to date, the only person to have ever gone under , and he’s done it twice.

At the start of the 2004 World Championships (WC) all-round few doubted that the winner would be a Dutchman, only his name remained to be determined. The American Chad Hedrick, who had first begun speed skating less than two years earlier and up until that weekend hadn’t won any international titles on the ice, finished first.

His compatriot Shani Davis, also a new star on the horizon, won the silver medal.

A very good result for Gerritsen who had an unfortunate spill in the 500m two days previously.

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