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The often violent nature of many of the sexual "fantasies" played out in these interactive chat rooms raises important questions about the dark side of human sexuality and the way in which the Internet permits its free and unquestioned expression in easily accessible public spaces.

But isnt it more likely that airing such violent inclinations freely and without reproach will merely normalize these tendencies, insuring society to the viciousness and inequality at its core?

No doubt, the Internet makes it easier for disturbed people to find each other or to identify unwitting victims.

Heres what appeared on my screen (although the names of the participants have been changed, they closely parallel the ones they used on-line); Greg0987: Hold her down, guys. But what effect does it have on us in both our real and virtual lives?

Pussyeater: Dont move or Ill cut you with this knife. Do they belong merely to the realm of fantasy role-play or do they transform the sexual psyches of the participants?

Barely a minute passed - though it felt like hours - before I broke my silence. If "words are deeds," as Sherry Turkle, a sociology of science professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, notes in her book Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet (Simon & Schuster), what exactly are the deeds being carried out in these spaces?

Despite the disclaimers of many of the participants that what occurs on the Net is pure fantasy, questions abound.

Because the Internet is still fairly new, it remains to be seen how such violent role-playing will affect our sexual relationships and our larger goals of ensuring male respect for women.

"The question is, are we desensitizing people about how they can relate to each other, rather than helping them move toward more compassionate relationships? D., a clinical sexologist and a spokeswoman for Feminists for Free Expression, an anticensorship group.

If we keep our fantasies in darkness, they grow stronger.

So maybe well find that through the Internet, were Gestalting out the demons that keep us from having healthy relationships." Perhaps.

"I went into a chat room pretending to be a 15-year-old girl, just to see how people would respond to me," she explains.

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