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Now that you’ve loaded up on caffeine, you should have plenty of energy to continue your neighborhood tour.Let’s face it – there’s no ignoring the bold and colorful street art throughout the entire borough.Wallworks rotates exhibitions regularly, and they host events and have an online shop as well.

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The RPS podcast of yore has returned, as you might have noticed, in which we are chatting to all sorts of interesting people from the makers of 90s cyberpunk thriller Quadrilateral Cowboy to the creators of political elbow-nudging Orwell, and so many more.

In the third episode of this special #content we are talking to the visual novelists behind erotic adventure Ladykiller in a Bind and awkwardness sim One Night Stand.

I only wish I had a place like Mott Haven Bar & Grill closer to my apartment, but that might be dangerous.

🙂 If you find yourself in East Harlem, the South Bronx is a hop, skip, and jump away. Or, take the 4/5 subway to 138th Street/Grand Concourse or the 6 train to 138th and Third, and walk south through the neighborhood.

After spending an afternoon in Mott Haven and Port Morris, it was easy to see what all the buzz is about in this corner of the South Bronx.

From the burgeoning art scene to cafes, restaurants and bars, there’s a bevy of cool places to explore across the Harlem River.This fall, well-known artist Valeri Larko, who paints Bronx industrial landscapes that look so real you’d think they’re photographs, exhibited her work at Wallworks.Anna Matos (daughter of “Crash”) manages the gallery, so expect to see her smiling face when you stop by.What’s more, they remain incredibly proud of South Bronx history and culture.Make no mistake – they want the best for their neighborhood as it continues to evolve.As we’ve said earlier on this blog, “All you have to do is head north,” and you’ll discover the northernmost borough of New York City.

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