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Zar Aslam (a Pakistani woman, who initiated a ‘Pink Rickshaw Scheme’) would have pointlessly returned, had she arrived here with her plan of empowering women in mind.No Zahidas, no Nasiras, no Ayeshas are deemed venerable if they are to drive a taxi or rickshaw to live their life.IM very outgoing and playful with a very serious yet submissive side check me out to find out more. Also you must be 25 or older and no games or bullsht I wont waste your time so do not waste mine please I already have two sons so I dont need a boy I WANT A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

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Almost half a century ago in the predominant patriarchal system the prevailing thoughts were that a daughter should not pursue education. A woman’s education is ever troublesome, as one male has to escort her everywhere. But since last decade no realm has been as widely open as that of education to them. However, while women in Chitral are getting literate, a considerable section of them is illiterate and unemployed, some owing to the ‘deeds’ of their predecessors, and some for leaving education in the middle. With their fantastic flourishes of multicolored threads they can move onward their affairs with livelier and bold tread.

In spite of this grim truth, the avenue before them is safe and illuminated. The gift, the faculty of needlework is vigorously animate within them. Undoubtedly women in Chitral have recognized this art as of great value and import for them.

And it has become magnificently manifest by gorgeous tokens of their hand in different sorts of handiwork amassing them sum of money enough for their need.

The organization of Social Welfare too is encouragingly playing its part to empower the women through this area.

What could be a most striking illustration of the pleasure which they derive from it than a firm belief of the self-same ladies that they are the ones who are the skillful and accomplished!

They can perfectly exercise any fancy of their mind into a piece of clothing! In addition to being the cause of feminine peculiar delight this particular skill of women serves the purpose of empowering and strengthening them and making them independent and self-sufficient.Now when a multitude of arts she claims from amongst a variety of them and when a ways too many are devised for mechanical embroidery, it still retains its grandeur and stands out magnetically against the involved machine toil.Its rising in vogue at any modern period of time brings with it a golden opportunity for those expert at it and sets them engrossed in the delicate labor.The continuation of the practice they carry at homes to finish up with richer and more natural adornment to add to their own and many others’ attire of silk and satin.Women of almost every valley here possess artistic ability and skillful use of their hands.) As in Kho culture comparatively, women are considered more reverential entities.

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