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I live in Rome ...I'm looking forward to drinking a Good coffee With You asap! Buon giorno, scrivo perch vorrei fare pratica con il mio inglese. I'm from Sicily, lived in Istanbul, Catania, Milan and Rome. Some of my favorite poets are : Charles Baudelaire , Arthur Rainbaud, Percy Bysshe Shelley.I like to discover and learn different cultures and languages. Some of my favouirite painters : William Adolphe Bouguereau, Renoi... I'm a 23 guy, from Viareggio (Tuscany), until march I'm living in Rome, near Re di Roma subway. I fluently speak English and Spanish and I would like to brush up my Portuguese and my French.I miss English/Latinoamerican /French friends when living in Italy. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a british mother tongue teacher and I'd like having a weekly appointment to improve my english.

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These fun and playful ideas include something for everyone – for those who like to be physically active to those who like a side of creativity with their learning, there’s something for the child who loves a cognitive challenge and for the one who learns best through co-operative games – the list includes suggestions suitable for all types of learners.

Christie Burnett is an early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and the editor of Childhood 101.

My hobbies are lissen the music, go out around the city, make a cake and meet new people. I'm looking for new friends, native English speakers, to keep speaking and improving my language skills. Hi I speak English fluently, live in Spain but would like to spend time in Rome. Hi, I wanna take the Cambridge CPE exam next year so I need some extra practice with my English skills.

I have worked as a secretary and carer but would like to do something different. I study Physics at uni but I love arts and have been playing the piano for 8 years. My name is Massimo, I'm Italian and I live in Rome.

I would like to improve my english and make new friends... Hi everyone :) I'm an italian girl and I would like to improve my French, speaking and writing. I'm from Rome, I spent a year in Spain and few months in Argentina so I speak a good spanish.

We are an Italian couple looking for a native English-speaking babysitter for our three year old son every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from to until the end of June. I have an university degree of "La Sapienza" and I worked for several years at museums and in the art area. I'm looking for someone who could help me to practice my spanish and someone who could help me to ... We are the Cultural Association "Dadi&Clessidra" founded by two young (not too young! Our goal is to spread Italian culture and language through f... Hello to everyone, my name is Carlo, i am a computer engineer, i have 31 years old and i moved to Rome in October for a new job.

More importantly, she is a Mum who believes wholeheartedly in the value of children learning through play, the importance of quality early education, and the togetherness of family.

***Please include the critical details of your event in the description including the agenda and/or speakers.

Hi Everyone, I am here to help anyone (University or High School students) who is probably having difficulties with their Research, Essays, Assigments, Project Writing etc. Hi, I'm 52 and I'd like meeting people from other countries. I haven't been speaking English for a long time and I'd like to "refresh" my English and practice conversation. I have many interests such as sports, technologies, musics (i play the guitar),...

I want to improve my English and I can help learning Italian .... In return I'd be happy to help you with your Italian.... Environmental engineer working in the energy/environmental sector.

As my better half would say @steveoxorton I'm not competing to make up numbers on stage!

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