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Back in 2002, 23-year-old Pete Wentz was a local legend in the Chicago Hardcore underground.A college dropout, Wentz was still living with his parents and jamming with best friend (and future FOB guitarist) Joe Trohman in various bands, most notably Arma Angelus, which also featured Tim Mc Ilrath, later of Rise Against.

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Jeanae seemed barely phased by it though, and Wentz eventually forgave her.

However, as Fall Out Boy grew more successful, Wentz found himself on the road more than at home, and once again, Jeanae’s interests turned to other men.

Nick Scimeca, a mutual friend of Jeanae’s and Wentz’s, encouraged her to pursue her dream to become a high-end hair stylist.

She was hired at a salon in Chicago and had steady work while still enjoying the perks of being a rock star’s girlfriend.

Likewise, Wentz formed a relationship with another individual, Patrick Stump, and Fall Out Boy was created.

The first couple of years were rough for Wentz - Fall Out Boy seemed to be going nowhere, and his teenage muse seemed to not know what the word “faithful” meant.Somewhere during this time frame, a spunky 15-year-old with multi-colored hair and large almond-shaped eyes began turning up at shows, and Wentz was intrigued.Despite the eight year age difference, Jeanae and Pete grew very fond of one another and quickly formed a relationship.The severe push/pull dynamics within their relationship was a partial cause behind Wentz’s 2005 suicide attempt.Just three months before Fall Out Boy’s first major-label album was released, Jeanae and Wentz’s problems became fodder for the droves of fangirls that Fall Out Boy gained.“My heart’s been feeling like a bird fighting for freedom with my ribs as its cage, or something like the thrill of the roller coaster, only not in the good kind of way,” she wrote, adding “I have experienced a wonderful thing, and through all the pain and happiness i have endured i don’t think id ever change a thing.

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