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The house with the balcony from which he made the proclamation is now a small A few kilometres before Barranca, a turning to the right (east) leads to Caral, a city 20 km from the coast whose date (3200-3000 BC) and monumental construction are overturning many of the accepted theories of Peruvian archaeology.

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A 4.2-m-wide stairway with 32 steps ascends to the summit, on which is a round, walk-in altar with an outer wall 8 m in diameter and an inner wall 3.7 m in diameter, inside which there was a central fireplace.

In addition, there is a long building containing 18 internal niches along each facing wall.

One remains unexcavated, a rounded mound of stone and sand showing no discernible sign of its likely inner contents.

The seven pyramids investigated reveal a stone and mortar construction with a yellow and white wash being the most common finish, small areas of which remain visible.

There are several basic hotels at Huacho (none at the port).

A turn-off at Km 135 leads to , where endless, empty beaches and calm, clear waters attract campers in summer. Birdwatchers should go to the nearby lagoon, formed by run-off from an irrigation project, where over 100 species have been recorded., 30 km inland, is an attractive agricultural town at the base of the Andean foothills.

, built by a bohemian descendant of the last viceroy in the 1920s, is located on the cliff tops in Chancay town.

Once visited by the elite of Lima, it is now a decaying recreational centre with restaurants, bars, pools and a museum containing many Chancay culture artefacts. The Salvador family has accommodation and Carlos is a recommended guide for the ruins, though a guide is not strictly necessary.

The new toll road, which goes right over the top, is safe and gives spectacular views over the nearby coast and valleys.

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