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Although they'll be focusing on their separate activities, they still gave each other blessings for the future." After reading reports of their break up, we confirmed with Choi Ji Woo and found that they have indeed decided to remain as just nuna and dongseng.Choi Ji-woo (born Choi Mi-hyang on June 11, 1975) is a South Korean actress.He hasn't done anything since 2013 according to asianwiki.

I don’t mind if the guy works in the entertainment industry, but I never want to go public with my relationship again.”In 2012, the Mr.

Baek star's farewell kiss with her boyfriend kept him in her mind for quite a while.

meh lee ji ah also had a bigger issue of lying about her grandpa being some well-established gentleman with a lot of power and etc when in reality he was on the list of pro-japanese politicians that need to be ousted.seotaiji is just as shady when it comes to the relationship between the two of them but the way lee ji ah tackled the issue with media play just backfired against her - the fact that seotaiji's also a descendant of civil activists for korean independence during japan annexation period didn't help her. uhhhhh it IS her fault when she pulls media play bullshit making her out to be from some prestigious family when in reality the wealth her family obtained (and she benefited from) is by sucking up to japan in the times of annexation.

it's a slap in the face for koreans who's still very pissed about pro-japan influence prevailing all over the was during the divorce scandal when her side let out some articles claiming that the lawsuit isn't for money since she's from a rich family who sold silk and contributed their profits to public education etc and that because her family was so wealthy lee ji ah grew up in a happy, safe environment etc. I kind of want to ship choi ji woo with seo jin but another part of me think she deserves better Btw, anyone can tell me full story about lee miyeon, kim seung wo and kim nam joo? :pchoi ji woo broke up with lee jin wook when he was in army, it doesn't help that she had rumours of being a bitch off-screen.

At the time this scandal happened, she was dating actor Jung Woo Sung, and because the news was so big, they ended breaking up.

People were saying she was after Taiji's money and two timing Jung Woo.After Lee enlisted in the army, everything changed. The couple mutually agreed to divorce in February, and he received custody of their child.Their inability to communicate and clashing personalities were the reasons for their separation, his rep confirmed to Daily Sports. He waited five years to date his first love, but she cheated on him a month into the relationship.The second lady Oh was deeply in love with broke up with him.It was reported by media outlets that his girlfriend didn't want to hinder his career.

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