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Though camps don't usually give out contact info for dissatisfied customers, it's possible to get insider tidbits (Is the camp organized? They usually know people in the camp industry and can point you in the direction of which camps have good, and bad, reputations. Understanding that a sports camp is just a part of the athletic learning process, even at a showcase event, is crucial to ensuring your child's camp experience is a success.

You're going to have questions throughout your application process.

We're always happy to answers you questions so check out our FAQs here first to get your answer straight away.

But beware camps that tout celebrity athlete guest speakers as effective teachers.

As John Cupps -- a veteran of the camp process -- points out, "There is a huge difference between a good player and a good coach." How do you know if your child is ready for a showcase camp? They can often give you a better sense of whether your kid is prepared to take it to the next level.

"It'll become pretty clear by the time a kid is a junior if they have an opportunity to play at the collegiate level," says Beinbrink.

On the other hand, instructional camps can usually be found at both the high school and university level.

I know of several players who haven't slept in their bed at home for more than a dozen times the...

USA Basketball will conduct seven regional camps and minicamps throughout the United States in 2017, providing opportunities for boys and girls basketball players to improve their individual skills while learning from top-caliber coaches.

Though most camps have strict schedules, unforeseen events happen and can throw even the most rigid itineraries out of alignment. It's not easy to coordinate a large amount of athletes." It's been years since Mc Ewen picked up a basketball.

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