Christian counseling dating

Preparation is the key element to achieving your relationship goals.

You can stop attracting the wrong type and experience emotionally healthy love.

I entered the church that evening with God’s peace inspiring my steps.

The counseling process should include a personality test such as the PREPARE/ENRICH Premarital Inventory.

You can find a sample test online at the following link:

Best of all, a pre-engagement counselor can detect problem areas that could destroy their future.

Pursuing pre-engagement counseling does not mean that anything is necessarily wrong with a relationship.

Instead, the priority of their relationship becomes planning the wedding day.

This can make it nearly impossible to stop and deal with any character flaws that might arise.On the day I married my wife, Ashley, I must have been asked over 50 times whether I was nervous.The barrage of questions from family and friends surprised me, because I had no reservations about giving Ashley my heart.Learn more: A committed relationship leading to marriage needs important tools of effective communication skills and conflict resolution. You can redefine boundaries and set a new standard.Learn more: Grow back together, not apart and increase your mutual fulfillment within the relationship. Learn more: Interpersonal challenges result rom differing temperaments.It's much easier and a lot less expensive than going through a divorce at some point later in life.

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