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When exercised in line with God’s intended purpose, it is beautiful and constructive.When out of control, violating God’s intended purpose, it becomes ugly and destructive.Until we had gone over these principles together (my wife and I, our daughter and the boy) and made sure there was complete agreement, we didn’t allow a dating relationship to begin.

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An estimated 800,000 single people in the UK today are especially open to the idea of a Christian dating service.

If you consider yourself a practising Christian, then it is fair to say that you are probably someone who applies high standards to your life and has high expectations of yourself and of any potential partner.

Its members also tend to set high standards for themselves and for a potential partner.

Moreover, Parship puts a strong emphasis on security and discretion, so overall it appeals to genuine, single people who are looking for Christian dating.

Water is a gift of God, without which we couldn’t survive.

But floods and tidal waves are water , and the effects are devastating.

Making contact is easy -- but discreet and secure -- on Parship, so you can feel comfortable talking about serious issues.

The service has a record of appealing to people who are looking for Christian dating, so Parship really could be a good place for you to start as you look for serious, committed and fulfilling relationship with someone who shares your values.

Fire is an energy-producing gift of God that gives warmth and allows us to cook.

But a forest fire or a house burning to the ground or a person engulfed in flames is fire -it is horrible and frightening.

Water and fire are good things which, when they occur outside their God-intended boundaries, become bad.

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