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According to paparazzi agency X17, Aguilera and Ronson are more than just friends: A source very close to both Christina Aguilera and Samantha Ronson tells X17online exclusively that the singer and the DJ are taking their friendship to the next level.

Ever since Samantha went to Cabo with Xtina, “the two have been inseparable,” says our source. Christina Aguilera really lets down her guard around Sam.

They're very comfortable with each other."The pop star was even seen leaving Sam's place late at night earlier this week AND she stopped by The Roxy on Sunday to see her new favorite DJ spin.

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"If someone has a baby, the first thing I’m like is, ‘OK, are you taking care of you?

"If Li Lo hears about this she'll need another month at least in the Betty Ford Center! Sorry I'm gonna break the mold of the usual hate and hypocrisy here but I'd like to see Sam and Xtina together, so sue me. Isn't LL with some new Israeli army girl who's brunette?

It’s not her husband’s fault that her album tanked, although it was probably easy for her her to blame him for it.

Here’s Christina at the pumpkin patch on 10/14 with her son, Max.

I think it’s fun to be open and play."Is it a coincidence that Aguilera suddenly split from Jordan Bratman so soon after her Cabo trip (where she got even closer to Samantha)?

Our source also reveals that the twosome's relationship is nothing like the one Samantha had with Lindsay Lohan.

Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordan Bratman are getting a divorce but Radar has learned the couple had an open marriage when it came to Christina’s lust for women.

DOCUMENTS: Read The Divorce Court Papers “I was at The Abbey one night when Christina’s bodyguard approached me,” a woman who wishes to remain anonymous told Radar

Earlier this week we heard the rumor that Christina enjoyed random hookups with other women, something her husband was said to approve of or at least tolerate.

A follow-up story in Bill Zwecker’s column in the Chicago Sun Times lends credence to those rumors with the claim that Christina is “” about their sex life.

Keep our husbands and boyfriends interested — because we’re supposed to get back to sexy and keep things exciting in the bedroom.

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