Civ v not updating Fkk chat edcam

You'll still be able to browse the store in Steam, and you'll still be able to download updates; it's just the achievements that stop working.

If you've finished a game but didn't get the achievements that winning it should have gotten you, you should be able to get the achievements by exiting Civilization, rebooting Steam, re-launching it and then re-playing the last 10 turns or so of the game, from the most recent autosave.

If you have previously received achievements, I'm assuming it's either a mod or you were playing with someone else that is the main cause of your problem.

As for the color, they refer to either the vanilla game or Gods and Kings expansion pack.

The above posters are well-intentioned, but this is most definitely a bug by Firaxis, and not the problem of Mods, Multiplayer, unstable connections, or disabling reward pop-ups.

I have had this bug ever since the patch about 2 weeks ago, where the achievements for leaders and other victory acheivements were bugged and could not unlock.

What other reason is there for not getting the achievement?

FYI, I just beat the game again by replaying from an auto-save and this time I saved it on the very last turn. UPDATE: I think Rob and Robin Hood are correct because I did get the Enlighten Ruler achievement (unlock all social policies) but I am not getting the leader ones This time with Montezuma UPDATE: I have the Brave New World DLC.

Then I noticed that some achievements have silver locks and some bronze.

Could it be that I cannot unlock the bronze until I complete the silver ones?

I primarily play on Mac, but I believe I've seen this issue when booted into Windows as well.

A game of Civilization lasts long enough, and is easy enough to walk away from without saving, that I often put my computer into standby dozens of times during a game, and so I think there's a decent chance you might be doing the same, and experiencing this problem.

I loaded up my previous saves yesterday and got all the missing achievements.

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