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Most foreigners have difficulty adjusting to this new timezone as they tend to show up 1 or 2 hours earlier than their local counterparts.

The nation is moving forward with a vision towards becoming a developed nation by some year in the future.

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Freedom as in "Free to join Islam, death to the infidels".

Malays generally embrace Islam because their Sultan did it, over 9000 years ago.

Ibans are people who had an advanced civilization but live in the jungles to produce an illusion that they are primitive, thus perpetrating the myth of primitive equals stupid to non-Ibans.

Malaysians do not speak of Ibans anymore because have changed they name from Iban to Kelabit. Kadazans/Dusuns consisting only 3% of total population are slowly being known to have great talents with participations in more than half of available reality TV singing competitions.

These new natives possesses almost every job the Malaysian economy has to offer now; they work in restaurants with pathetic pay, they work in construction jobs with pathetic pay, and some offer their bodies to the police so their fellow man can continue to work for pathetic pay.

The Bumiputras (pronounced Boo-Me with an S), the men who work in restaurants and on construction sites and on the police force watching the “new Malaysians” work for high pay constantly complain about the new natives.

However satirical they may seem, these are real life 1Malaysia projects, designed solely with the bumiputra's well-being in mind.

1Toilet aspires to abolish the gender binary and separation of female and male toilets, encouraging more people to engage in kinky toilet inter-racial sex and erotic tranny cross-dressing culture.

Malays pray to Allah 5 times a day, asking for forgiveness in matters such as 'accidentally' eating pork, 'accidentally' drinking beer, raping their daughters, raping their mothers, raping their sisters, robbing their neighbours and 'accidentally' running over their children while rempit-ing. Malays also practice racism, they are so racist, that they even have their own name for racism, called Ketuanan Melayu.

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