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When I first heard her on the radio I thought, ‘Wow what a beautiful soulful voice, what a sincere singer.’ There’s such an easiness to her . “Both of us are trying to find that extra few minutes of the day where we can work something out, either something that’s been released, or write something together,” he said.

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Colbie Caillat also stated that when she was touring in summer of 2012 she was asked by Gavin De Graw to record a song for a soundtrack of the movie and she immediately said yes because she has never done it before and wanted to try it.

A source said that both musicians are often recording together and Gavin De Graw is trying to spend as much time as possible with the singer.

Thus, Colbie Caillat became single and in the market again after the decision was made to split from her guitarist boyfriend.

The couple was dating for two years quite secretly.

As you can see in her boyfriend list Colbie often falls in love with her co-workers.

Caillat was dating musician Jason Mraz about a year.

There are some rumors about her co-worker singer Gavin Degraw since Colbie split up with her ex boyfriend Justin Young.

Colbie and Gavin also recorded provocative song “We Both Know”.

All these songs are featured in her album called “All of You”.

However, the lovely couple has splited not too long ago.

In addition, it has been stated that because of it Justin Young who was a guitarist for Colbie Caillat decided not to play with her anymore.

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