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I have never really understood why it is considered to be so easy for girls to say yes, particularly to four different men over a period of two weeks. Boys from Amherst, Yale, Williams, and Dartmouth swarmed over the campus in groups, looking over the new freshmen for one girl that they could tie up for the next eight Saturday nights, the spring prom, and a house party in July.

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"I understand your point of view," said Joe finally, "but you don't understand mine at all.

Don't you realize that now I have to go out and find myself a new girl?

It might be misdirected nerve, or neurotic nerve, or a nerve born of defiance or ignorance or of an intellectual disregard of social mores, but that's what it takes.

Sleeping around is a risky business, emotionally, physically, and morally, and this is no light undertaking. During my first two weeks at Smith I felt rather like a display in a shop window.

A boy might even get around to falling in love at some point, and that would solve the problem of marriage too.

The depressing aspect of this perpetual twosome is that it is so often based on sex and convenience.

Beyond this, he does not want the bother of starting the whole sex cycle over again, with discussions and possibly arguments about how far he may go how soon.

He wants it all understood, with the lady reasonably willing, if possible.

But while the Beatniks travel about the country on the backs of trucks, the rest of us are going to college and then plunging—with puzzling eagerness—into marriage and parenthood.

While the Beatniks are avoiding any signs of culture or intellect, we are struggling to adapt what we have to the essentially nonintellectual function of early parenthood.

Perhaps history will prove that we are a buffer generation, standing by silently while our children, brought up by demand-feeding and demand-everything, kick over the traces and do startling things, with none of our predilection for playing it safe.

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