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The peridotitic suite inclusions can be further subdivided into harzburgitic, lherzolitic, and wehrlitic groups (Schulze et al., 2008).Peridotitic garnets are typically Cr-pyrope, and can be classified as; harzburgitic, lherzolitic, or wehrlitic based on the degree of calcium and chromium saturation.

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The insert shows the relative position of the Archean Wyoming Craton with the Proterozoic Mojave and Yavapai provinces.

The Diamonds occur in small potassic ultra-basic intrusive formations known as kimberlite pipes (named after the classic locality in Kimberley, South Africa; Heaman et al., 2003).

Meeker, CO (Serving Rio Blanco County) Crisis:970.878.3131 Admin: Same as Crisis Line Victim Services Rangely, CO (Serving Rio Blanco County) Crisis: 970.629.5729 Admin: Same as Crisis Line Alternative Horizons, Inc. Main Line: 303.355.9969 Center on Domestic Violence The Center on Domestic Violence is an academic, research and service center based center in the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver.

Durango, CO (Serving Archuleta, La Plata, San Juan, and Southern Ute Tribal Counties) Crisis: 970.247.9619 * Admin: 970.247.4374 Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence Member Program Archuleta County Victim Assistance Pagosa Springs, CO (Serving Archuleta, Hinsdale and South Mineral Counties) Crisis: 970.264.2131 * (TTY available) Admin: 970.264.9075 Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence Member Program Gunnison/Hinsdale Confidential Advocacy Center Gunnison, CO (Serving Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties) Crisis: 970.275.1193 Admin: 970.641.2712 Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence Member Program Our Sister’s Keeper Coalition Durango, CO (Serving Archuleta, La Plata, Montezuma, San Juan, and S Ute Tribal Counties) Crisis: 970.247.7888 * Admin: Same as Crisis Line Renew, Inc. Home to the graduate-level academic program on gender-based violence.

The programs are listed geographically, but you are not limited to those programs in your community.

Please click your location for a list of domestic violence programs in your local area.

Significant technological advances have been made recently that make possible very detailed spot analysis of these inclusions and chemical zones.

Two especially valuable techniques being Secondary Ion Probe Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) (described on the Methods page), and the electron microprobe.

Both eclogitic and peridotitic xenoliths are brought to the surface in kimberlites, and similarly the mineral inclusions in diamonds are broadly classified as being either eclogitic or peridotitic.

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