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Going through divorce now and expect to be a very happy financially stable single woman soon!

My guess was that he was fishing for a scandal - like she was going to out herself or something on TV. Rowling decided that one of the characters was gay.

She assures him, in response to one question after another, that she likes marriage, she came close to getting married, and she still hopes to be married.

In her response to Morgan's first question, Rice had said that she "expected to grow up and get married like any nice Southern girl." In fielding Morgan's persistent queries, she's still playing nice.

In "Bella" language (like when we are asked "why are you single" we respond "why are you married"!

), I wonder what analogy can be made - like "everyone who grows up must do "this" to prove they are normal", where "this" is another thing society has invented like marriage. Marriage after a certain age (and yes, I am her age), for women of wealth and high achievement often convey's little benefit and might be seen as unnecessary.

I didn't even realize they were all single until recently when something made me think of it. As someone commented on Jezebel, "why doesn't he just go for the throat and ask what he obviously wants to ask which is: 'Are you lesbian and if not were you banging W?

' Because that's the underlying point of those questions."

Piers Morgan establishes that Rice is not married, so he wants to know if she has come close.

Then he asks how many times she has come close, whether she has dreamed of the fairy tale wedding, and whether she still holds out hope.

In fact marriage can, at a later age, turn out to be huge liability.

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