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The drawback is that it probably won't work for everything (most people have music from CDs and other stores), but it can reduce the transferring you need to do in other ways.

Moving 500GB will likely be slow regardless of method even over the LAN.

I would think the easiest would be to copy the entire library to an external hard drive via USB3 port or Esata if you had such a disk lying around and connecting it to your 416play.

To consolidate libraries, turn on Home Sharing on all the computers you want to merge and then drag and drop the files to the computer that will store the merged library.

You'll find the shared computers in the left-hand column of i Tunes.

Does your use your mapping the drive with have Read/Write access?

I would likely use DS File over the Finder in general...I believe this may be coming up due to file name size but can find a definitive. I do not know if this will help you, but this is what I did with my music library.Has anyone had this issue and figured out how to resolve it? First, I went to the package center on my disk station and installed the i Tunes music server. i Tunes_Mac In i Tunes I went to preferences, advanced.You said Apple "Base Station" assume that is some version of Airport/Airport Extreme.Is this basestation wired or wireless connection to your ISP router/cable modem etc.For ones that don't, you can redownload them onto the merged library for free.

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