Consolidating student loans nelnet middle school dating timline

That being said, this option is definitely not for everyone.

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If you have student loans with Nelnet and want to consolidate them, the process can seem a bit overwhelming.

This is especially true if you are new to consolidation and unsure of your options.

One thing to note about federal consolidation is that it doesn’t change your interest rates.

When the loans are combined, they generate the weighted average of your interest rates so that your interest payments over the life of the loan are essentially the same. Going this route is the only way to get lower interest rates on your federal student loans.

If you think this applies to you, have a conversation with your loan servicer as soon as possible.

A smaller advantage of federal direct consolidation is that it puts all of your loans in one place.

On Nelnet’s private loan consolidation option, they only list one company, U-Fi.

It makes it seem as if U-Fi is the only option for Nelnet borrowers.

While U-Fi is definitely a viable option for many borrowers, their rates and terms are not competitive with some of the lenders at the top of our student loan consolidation rankings.

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