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Analyzing what motivates the women who hire these “professionals” is really more interesting than the discount Don Juans themselves.A teacher, a zaftig medical assistant, and a dick-hungry divorcee all participate in sex on camera within the first two episodes.Meet Nick, the tatted-up “bad boy.” The most interesting thing about Nick is trying to solve the mystery of what he’s covering under that all-encompassing shoulder tattoo. Vin is the newest member of the manwhore crew and was allegedly brought in to provide diversity.

Brace is into fitness, yoga and meditation and looks the picture of health with his tan and beautiful piercing blue eyes.

Brace Vin Armani has a great personality and gives 100% of himself to women.

Garren James has offices in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Dallas and serves as the creative consultant for the Gigolo’s, a T. The sweepstake is valued at $5,000.00 and it is open to all women over the age of 21 living in the U. The Gigolo’s participating is Ash Armand, Vin Armani, Brace and Nick Hawk.

The Sweepstake is from August 29, 2012 to December 31, 2012.

If you enjoy Cathouse, check out the flipside on Gigolos.

By Nikki Artale Las Vegas Informer It all began four years ago when Garren James, a former international male model, appeared on the Tyra Banks show and talked about his male escort agency Cowboys 4 Angels. Phil Show and 20/20 to further discuss the male escorts.Time to discuss Gigolos, Showtime’s new series about five male escorts working in Las Vegas.Nowadays it takes quite a bit to shock, but Gigolos goes all the way with full-frontal nudity, ball smacking doggie style, and even a gang bang. Steven wants you to know he’s a Scorpio and devoted father.When asked about his skills he said he thinks that he is good and wants to give women a lasting memory.After watching one of his episodes I can say that he is a great new addition to the Gigolos.Rumor has it since the premiere early this month, the escort service Cowboys 4 Angels is blowing up.

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