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[email protected] is a sample message you get from her: Heyy Hun, I'm glad you replied to my ad on CL :) Let me be honest with you...

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Never go to a link from their email, its likely a phish or a redirect and they are getting paid by the hits to that site or by sign-ups.

Age verification for dating is pretty obscure.....a real woman would want to talk to you and could tell if you are underage - a spammer is likely to want to verify you quickly and sell your verified info to a spam listing. Anyone saying that they want to do a verification that you aren't a criminal is likely getting into databases that make you prone to identity theft.

Do a little web browsing, search for the persons name or e-mail address in google and see if it takes you to a "suspected scammers list".

Report contacts that want you to go to a secondary sign-up site, most Terms of Service (TOS) agreements forbid it.

It signs you up for a porn site like Discreet via a form that comes from join.

UPDATE 1/29/11 Here are some of her new fake photos.

So now I'm willing to try this again, but I need to make sure you're safe and real before we do anything together.

If you're still interested, send a reply and we'll get this going. If you prove you're safe to me then I'm happy with doing anything for you as long as it's fun for us. I'd like to give you a little head and then move onto something more, so you will need to be able to last :) So yea email me and let's have some fun. Jen As usual, the sign-up form does not sign you up for Verify or Safest, since those are not actual dating sites.

Send a complaint to their ISPs when you receive the spam. Report this phishing scam at their spam reporting page. They both claim to offer the Safe Dater Age Verification Service (which doesn't exist, of course).

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