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I'm Really not going to have any account and loan with this bank. Baru-baru ni saya pergi ke CIMB Senawang dan kakitangan (Tingkat Satu) tidak menunjukkan sikap MESRA PELANGGAN.

Pernah telefon bahagian Pinjaman Rumah beberapa kali dan semuanya di jawab oleh En. Saya telefon ke Ibu Pejabat KL dan membuat aduan mengenai nya.

I merupakan head unit of finance n accountant of developer company..

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Complaint to CIMB BANK Kedah - Sungai petani, Jalan Ibrahim - before, machine is available for using - after insert money during checking amount machine suddenly appear OUT OF SERVICE - machine no S088, RM50 X 30 PCS = RM 1500 - no security guard can be asking for following action - actual condition what should do incase have same problem happen again - direct report to bank counter only can be make on tommorow cause weekends - please advice for the following action - when can get back the moneyi am now in cimb branch plaza angsana johor bahru. stupid i can tolerate, but arrogant is a league all to itself! I told them it was a serious crimb and very urgent.

It has been about two and a half months since I first talked to them.

Every report/comment that was made customer was manage in the slowest amount of time and that really make me feels like "why do i choose this bank? Even if we report "black and white" to the manager of the bank, there is no respond at all. I don't need to tell which CIMB Bank because I think most of the CIMB Bank around Peninsular Malaysia have the same problem.

I hope the CIMB Bank could send their employees to any "Communication Skills" course because trust me, CIMB Bank employees are very rude towards their customer and act so friendly to their friend. This is not MAMAK STALL or RESTAURANT where you can serve anyone you want 1st.

You are using our money, so give us the best services because we can move our money from your bank just by signing a few letters. Better services us better if you don't want to go bankruptcy.

Thank you, Very Cool Customer I pun ada mslh mcm u all..i dah buat full settlement for my credit cards n wrote a letter to cancel them..pastu i terima statement yg i terlebih bayar..means diorang tak bg exactly figure for my settlement amount.after 6 months my credit card still not close..i geram sgt bila next statement diorg caj for annual fees..i call customer service n diorang ckp diorang x terima my letter regarding to close the account.stupid.asked me to reapply to close it.i mintak dia waive kan i punya annual fees n katanya kena persetujuan pihak atasan..napelah complicated sgt n cimb mcm nak kita ada komitmen seumur hidup ngan lain kita bleh mintak waive for annual fees with 1 call n bleh terminate kad with fill in 1 form, so easy.cimb mmg suka menyusahkan customer.skrg credit card tu x boleh terminate tp i just keep them coz i dah x kuasa nak tulis2 surat n kol diorang as long as diorang kata i dpt annual fee waived for a lifetime.kad tu xpired sdri.masalah on personel account tp yg i lagi bengang bila terpaksa uruskan hal2 sykt dgn staff CIMB yg kurang ajar n lebit tepat lagi 'bodoh sombong'..On the beginning of September'08 when the date was for us to to Pay for the 1st instalment, we found that our saving account still cannot linked to our current account .We have call to our officer to verify this issue but the officer say KL branch still proceesing...asked we pay direct at CIMB counter.(on the first, we fully understand maybe their need some time to do the proceesing... we follow what their instruct to us, we pay direct at CIMB counter.she's very rude n arrogant just like she knew everything.sebenarnya dia lgsg tak tahu apa itu HDA akaun n meminta mcm2 dokumen yg tak munasabah n tdk menerima dokumen yg telah ctc by company meminta i mengemukakan document original n i tpaksa mendapatkannya secara official from my office HQ in Kuantan bcoz its confidential.xpe lagi tp cara dia melayan i sgt kasar n suaranya bernada tinggi.lama kemudian dia ditukarkan ke branch lain n apa yg i tau dia telah dinaikkan pangkat ke branch manager utk cawangan temerloh.surprised!!how come the very rude n stupid staff can be promoted to the top management??This is a Banking Company and there is a NUMBERING system.

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