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Games were there when I discovered the small liberal arts college I fled to was just a different alien planet, one where my small-town naïveté made me as much a target as my erudition had back home.

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A man who was pictured staring at Taylor Swift in the back of a paparazzi shot has been transformed into a series of memes by Reddit users.

Welcome to our reviews of the Creepy Guy Meme (also known as my x gf).

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Games were there when, with my grades in free fall and my future plans falling to dust, I stopped going out, stopped answering calls, stopped eating regular meals and sleeping and talking.

Games were there when the girl I was dating — a girl who, miraculously, had asked out despite my lack of self-confidence, who had to assure me that she wasn’t asking me out as a joke — told me she couldn’t be with me long-term unless I got my life together.

I know what it’s like to have something so important to you that when you feel like it’s “under attack” you have no choice but to lash out. It’s one of those cultural artifacts I’ve lost track of since and have been afraid to revisit because it might stir up memories of a pretty dark time in my life.

It was one of the first Web series that was made by gamers for gamers — a parody of “World of Warcraft” made by someone who’d clearly actually played “World of Warcraft,” a “nerd comedy” populated by several distinct subspecies of nerd as observed in the wild.

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