Cumtree wife pic swap

She told how her daughter had had to leave school at the age of 16 after her father left the family.The teenager had wanted to continue with her studies, but the family could not afford the fees.

It might add insult to injury but I still want to point out it's clearly stated in Gumtree's guide that only face-to-face cash only transactions should be conducted through their service.

Only if more users are aware of the guide lines and in fact sticking to them... t=1819270It's a long thread but you may be able to glean some useful info out of it. Thanks for the link to the other thread, I'll peruse it whilst working.

Two days later, I received a call from an Indian saying she was interested in the child and would call me again,' she told the court.'About three days later she called to say she would get a loan from a bank and later she said she had received the loan.

We agreed to meet and that she was wearing a pink shirt and was waiting for me at the door of a KFC.'Upstairs of the KFC, she asked me what to buy for my son and I said he only eats cereal.

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- They could be selling any kind of item but I have discovered they are largely posting fake ads for phones.

- The items are usually listed without pictures, but I have found today they have moved on to using stock photos in at least one of their ads.

There have been other posts online from other victims who I believe could have been scammed by the same people. p=13799037&postcount=6 Details: - It is a two person operation run by a guy who has gone by both "Michael" & "Matthew" to me – and his partner who I believe based on the bank account information, goes by "Vanessa".

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