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Another less beer-saturated friend leaned over to peek at the guys’ pics. I wasn’t sure there were many guys out there, on this app or otherwise, looking to date a big blue elbow without a college degree and didn’t have high hopes for success. Both said “yes” (I was dubious), and both were under 21 years old.

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Cyberdreamdate com dating love love male male psychology in dating

I chose Ok C because a good buddy of mine had found himself an awesome girlfriend on the site and Tinder because, well, duh. He claimed to “represent a couple artists in the music industry,” and his photos painted him as a dude who liked to drink beer, owned a motorcycle and had a general disregard for the Establishment.

More important, both are free and seem less serious than pay-to-play sites like Match (largely for marriage-minded daters) or e Harmony (largely for Jesus-minded daters, I think). If I were the rustic type, I might try Farmers Only. Basically, the kind of guy Mom would rather you didn’t bring home.

The idea is interesting: A woman knows a great guy who, for whatever reason, just isn’t for her.

He could be a platonic friend, a sweet ex, a hapless co-worker—if she thinks he’s got the goods, and other women might benefit from knowing it, she can make a profile for him on Jess, Meet Ken, named for the founder, Ken Deckinger, who met his wife through a similar recommendation.

First up was Who’s That, a group-dating app created by BU grad Sam Davidson and BC alum Brian Sachetta.

Who’s That takes some cues from the popular New York-based startup Grouper.Perhaps they’re not on the same chapter as you are, or are maybe they are in another book altogether. You will meet the same woman or man, over and over again until the lessons are learned and the past is forgiven. Keep working on you, and know that the love of your life is waiting. A man can’t message a woman; he can only answer a poll question (“Do you have sex on the first date? I half-heartedly posted a few more questions—“Are aliens real? ”—and pulled a handful of responses, none from anyone who looked old enough to shave.”) and hope that she likes his answer—and his looks—and starts a conversation. I wasn’t looking to do jail time and quickly deleted the app.I was hard-pressed to imagine what group of baby-faced early 20-somethings would have a whole lot of interest in meeting some 30-year-old ladies for drinks.

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