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‘Failed to look properly’ was attributed to the car driver in 57% of serious collisions and to the cyclist in 43% of serious collisions at junctions.

Other common contributory factors attributed to drivers are ‘poor turn/manoeuvre’ (in 17% of serious accidents involving a cyclist) and ‘careless, reckless, in a hurry (17%).

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It also co-incides with the age when children attend Secondary school and may start to indicate riskier behaviour.

Males are far more likely to be involved in cycling accidents than females.

However, the casualty rate in terms of miles travelled is higher over the Autumn and Winter period.

Human error is the main contributory factor involving cyclist collisions.

For teenage and adult cyclists, accidents are more likely to involve collisions with motor vehicles, but about 16% of fatal or serious cyclist accidents reported to the police do not involve a collision with another vehicle, but are caused by the rider losing control of their bicycle.

In collisions involving a bicycle and another vehicle, the most common key contributory factor recorded by the police is ‘failed to look properly’ by either the driver or rider, especially at junctions.

Chest and abdomen injuries occur much less frequently (5%), but are often serious.

When they do occur they are often accompanied by head injuries.

These figures only include cyclists killed or injured in road accidents that were reported to the police.

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