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After chloride leaves the cells, water follows and thins the mucus.However, if the CFTR protein has been damaged, as in cystic fibrosis, the chloride ions are not allowed out of the mucus-producing cells.

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Typical clinical manifestations of cystic fibrosis usually do not occur in patients who have 10% or more generally have a more classic type of cystic fibrosis; however, no definitive correlation exists between the genotype and the phenotype.

In patients with 1% or less functioning of the gene, the patients’ cells have very defective Most patients with manifestations of cystic fibrosis have parents who do not have cystic fibrosis but are heterozygotes or carriers of the disease.

Patients with lower FEV levels to trigger the hypoxic ventilatory drive, although they still need adequate oxygenation.

Clubbing or enlargement of the last joints of the toes and fingers, which has no definite cause, also occurs in patients with cystic fibrosis.

Typically, patients with cystic fibrosis have decreased levels of interleukin-10, a cytokine that has anti-inflammatory properties, especially in the lungs.

The decreased levels predispose the patients to severe lung inflammation after infection.Pulmonary function testing is a method that may be helpful in establishing data that will assist in predicting deterioration in clinical status in patients with cystic fibrosis.The increased work of breathing can include any of the following: tachypnea, irregular breathing pattern, diaphoresis, flared nares, pursed lip breathing, intercostal muscle retractions, and use of accessory muscles.This difference leads to increased numbers of asialo GM1 molecules, which are receptors for bacterial respiratory organisms, and thereby results in increased binding of ), which is very resistant to most antibiotics.As obstruction of the airway increases, it becomes more difficult for air to pass during exhalation.This life-threatening situation is further exacerbated by coagulopathies often caused by malabsorption of vitamin K and repeated use of some antibiotics.

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