Adult dating fetish - Dachshund dating site

She regrouped herself and then answered the question; “Well, I’m 4 year’s old and a quiet country girl. Because you know I could make you an overnight celebrity, right? And well, if that’s what makes me famous, then so be it!

I like walks in the woods, trying on new outfits, and posing for my Instagram.”“Oh lovely! ”(I also couldn’t help but noticed her socks had disappeared! ” she said with a smile.“Well that’s pretty much how I got famous.

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But I really took a liking to her during those long days on the shoot (and after seeing her in her bikini), and so for Valentines Day I decided to ask her out on a date.

Although it wasn’t so much “asking” as it was just telling her where and when. The next day finally came, and after sleeping in just enough to ensure I obtained my beauty sleep, I was up and excited to get the day going!

Not to mention half the human celebrities out there today (So now that I’d effectively broken the ice, our chit-chat continued all through the meal and into dessert.

We did a fine job of getting to know one another, and it seemed no matter how many times I looked her way, I was always captivated by her expressive eyes and the sheen of her long brown ears.

In fact, she played the part of my “main cheerleader” in the video.

So it was cool to know that she’s worked in my “industry” before, having done some acting.

You might not be surprised to know that it took me three hours to get dressed – mainly because I was always pausing for selfies and to my whiskers, not to mention I kept getting distracted by that sexy dog in all the mirrors around. We were to meet up for an early romantic dinner at a local dog restaurant called the Wag Cafe. I’m not used to dealing with women who aren’t all over me.

Although I generally like to show up 2 or 3 hours fashionably late to any events I attend, Mum highly recommended I show up EARLY for this date, to which I reluctantly agreed. I quickly texted Mum under the table…“MUM – firstly, cancel that back-up date RIGHT AWAY! “Ahem, excuse me”, I said to Paisley in the most gentlemanly tone I could muster.

When you’re as famous and good looking as me, yes, dating really is . I’ll admit I did worry if she’d be able to contain herself around me in the restaurant, for I didn’t want to cause an embarrassing scene of her trying to rip my clothes off while I fend her away (but not really trying hard 😉 ). I figured I could probably use a shave, or at least a trim, but it’s always a bit nerve-racking when you don’t have very long hair to begin with!

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