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Daniel, 18, split with girlfiend Laura O’Toole, 22, earlier this year.London, Jan 27 (ANI): Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has parted ways with his girlfriend Laura O’Toole.Daniel Radcliffe met up with Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson on Valentine’s Day – sparking rumours that they’re dating.

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We're not used to seeing a lovely maxi dress teamed with a rucksack, and we're not sure we like those heavy straps with it (in fact, no, we definitely don't), but still, the oil painting-like print makes up for it. there's LOADS of floal print dresses out now, ready to fill your summer wardrobes.

Daniel was cast as Harry Potter when he was 11 and played the role in all 8 films between 20.

“That’s a wonderful record of us flirting for the first time,” he told the magazine of his and Darke’s rather intimate scene while filming on set in 2012.

“There’s no acting going on — not from my end, anyway.” PHOTOS: Harry Potter retrospective “There’s a moment when she makes me laugh, and I’m laughing as me and not as my character,” he added. I knew I was in trouble.” Radcliffe, 26, and Darke, 30, have been dating since they first met on the set of drama about writers William S.

Nearly showing up to the Yule Ball dateless, talk about social suicide!

Luckily, the 25-year-old Brit, seems to be much smoother in real life.And here, in one of their rare sightings together, it was the turn of this floral print maxi dress.Erin looks relatively tall, so a long maxi shape is a particularly good look for her, and this option gets double thumbs up for its waist-tie detail which cinches her in.When people started to notice the couple and began pointing, she wrapped her scarf around her head so only her eyes were peeping out.‘Daniel found her new look hysterical and started laughing.‘They then left the pub, heads together and whispering,’ the source tells the Daily Mirror.

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